The educational project
The Festival of Art of a Little Child

The program of the Festival of Art of a Little Child is addressed to children aged 3 to 10 years, includes children from schools and kindergartens from all over Poland.
Every year in the Festival are participating together about four thousand children and over 400 teachers from Poland. The Jubilee 15 years of existence we would like to expand the operation of the festival and present the idea of the international community


For years, we have put the objectives:
- Interests issues of creativity of young children and ways of awakening children's creativity and methods of its development.
- Integrating communities involved in the creative development of young children.
- Exchange of experience between the centers of art and culture and schools. Encourage to dialogue, to adapt offers and reinforcement of good practices in their operation.
- Promote among teachers, innovative ideas, forms and techniques of creative activities.
- Every year there is a different clue word - issue connected with childhood education, giving the possibility of creative exploration of the child and the teacher.


History of the festival

The festival has taken part every year  since 2000. Every year, there is promoted a different clue word, that promotes all the festival activities. Until now, there were:

  • HOME, a child, stories, dreams

  • tree,

  • traveling,

  • time,

  • treasures

  • happiness

  • dream

  • gardens

  • animals

  • shapes

  • playground

  • universe

  • differently

  • together

  • light


The formula of the festival includes the following projects:

1. Opening Session festival for teachers
This event is opening the festival struggles of children and teachers, which is also the introduction to the new edition, as well as a reminder of the previous one. In the session held at the Museum in Lodz is presented workshop led by animators museum education. Not only a previous multimedia presentation takes place but also lecture lead by representatives of science education who look after children’ improvement of kids creativity.



Creative workshops for children and teachers.
It is a series of meetings with art in institutions there  are invited classes and groups supervised by teachers who had applied to participate in the workshop. In each edition there are about 40 such workshops that involve almost 1,000 children. These workshops are open, which means that they can also take part in them teachers on the basis of demonstration activities.


Art competition for children
The competition is open to children aged 3 to 10 years.
Children send their works made in any technique. The jury chooses all as the winners, guiding by our motto that "seeking child should not be subjected to classification". The summary of artistic activities is an exhibition in Lodz Museum. It opens with a festive event where prizes for an art contest are given. Prepared exhibition presents young artists’ works.


The competition for teachers and animators to develop a lesson plan of creative activities with children
For all teachers and facilitators who work with groups of children under the age of 10 participating in this contest it is an opportunity to showcase their own experiences.
The subject of the competition is to present own concept of teaching in a lesson plan of creative activities for younger children. Reported presentations can be in different stages of development within the framework of the festival password.



Overview of the small stage forms
Children in two age categories guided by their teachers, prepare the artistic program, ie. A thumbnail, show, song or instrumental. During the hearing held little artists (all get diplomas and small prizes), which will emerge the winners. The best present their skills in a gala concert, which will take place on a large theatrical stage.



Outdoor Garden Fine
The event takes the form of the fair, where over 780 children also participate in various workshops, actively creating work, finding common dimension several areas of work. It is a fun with an interesting material for children, the sounds of original instruments, circus arts, that's all you can feel the true joy of creation. This wonderful adventure with art held outdoors which enriches educational value of the event and imposes entirely different style of work with the child.


The catalogue contains a summary of completed workshops
and a list of winners
It is a publication containing the achievements of each festival.
Including a brief descriptions and photos of the workshops, highlighted essays, descriptions of award-winning lesson plans submitted by teachers. The printed directory is also a full list of the children featured in an art competition and there are pictures of the winning works. Product being a summary of the Festival of Art of a Little Child is also the evaluation of the educational project.

16th International Festival of Art of a Little Child

Terms of the International Art Competition called:
Home – child, stories, dreams

The competition is open to children aged 3 to 10 years.
It will be conducted in two age groups:
a) Preschool children
b) The children in early school age
Conditions of participation:
a) Work individual COMPLY WITH THE THEME OF THE FESTIVAL can be made using any technique. Interpretation of the clue word of  festival is free.
Each child can send only one project.
b) Each art group, class or team can send up to five works, because the instructor, animator, teacher, or an entire team is responsible for decisions about the selection and application of a specific work.
c) the format works contain up can range from A2 to A5, please do not "binding" work.
d) Work should be signed on the reverse side - title, name, surname, age of the child, data and address of the educational establishment.
d) work in the international section should be delivered to


Przedszkole Miejskie Nr 206, 

POLAND 92 - 512 LODZ

ul. Lermontowa 7


Until 31 March 2016

e) the work must be protected against damage during shipment.
f) The results of the contest will notify via the website. The list of winners and a gallery of their work will be published on the website:


Rights of the organizer.
a) The organizer reserves the right to free reproduction of the work in the mass media aim to popularize the competition and catalog of Festival of Art of a Little Child.
And also to make public the list of distinguished authors of submitted works.
b) The organizer reserves the right to exhibition of winning works as well as to send out the message to other institutions and educational institutions in Europe.
c) the submitted entries, the organizers do not return. Awards received in the competition will send the mail.
Evaluation of work.
a) The submitted works will be evaluated in each group (there is a possibility of the emergence of additional groups or their combination)
b) The jury will include representatives of the organizers of the festival.

We expect awarded prizes for participants of the festival. which will be sent by post to the indicated address.
The exhibition of works of winners and prize awards we invite you to the opening of the Museum of Cinematography, Lodz Victory Square 1. The date will be published with the list of winners.

The jury reserves the right to the interpretation of the regulations and the distribution of prizes.



Encourage to


To wrote an essay about the work of the child



Once again, we encourage you to write an essay that would be a reflection on the work of the child.
The essay as short hearing endearing subjectively problem that intrigues us, allows us to express our own opinion - in this case on the creativity of the child. We think that this form of expression would be most appropriate just because of the fact that as a literary sketch, there is a particularly obliging framework and offers ample opportunities to showcase our personal actions, achievements and thoughts.
This essay can be a form of publication, which for teachers seeking professional advancement should provide additional impulse to participate in the competition of the Festival of Art of a Little Child.


Essays should be sent by 30th March 2016.
The organizer reserves the right to publish winning works free of charge
in publications Festival Art of a Little Child - in order to popularize the competition.

The works written in English, in Microsoft Word text editor, please provide:
Internet e-mail to the following address:


For work, please attach a statement (signed and scanned - attached as PDF) reads as follows:
I declare that I emailed text and photos are by me. All intellectual property rights belong to me and do not violate any third party rights. The Publisher reserves the right to decide about the date and the manner of publication or provision of article writing and website  ‘Festival of Art of a Little Child’. I agree to the unpaid publish an article submitted to the contest in writing and on the website Legible signature of the designer: (Name, Country and address represented an educational institution)


If the work there are some literature resources used, it should be included in the bibliography
The results will notify to 30 May 2016. Lists of winners will be published on: